© Julian Calverley / Seven Stones / LPA / GE

In the late summer of 2016, photographer Julian Calverley visited Oslo for a 4 day production for GE Healthcare. It was shot at Ge Healthcare´s facilities in Oslo. A very interesting but also demanding location, due to obvious health care restrictions. We shot real people in their own working environment, as seen above, at one of Julians final images.

This was a co-production together with the Lisa Pritchard Agency in London. 
From the Lisa Pritchard Agency´s blog on the production: 

The GE Oslo shoot was a perfect example of a team effort. We were working under reasonably tight time and location constraints, in a busy working environment, and so we had to remain as flexible as possible. Working with an experienced and flexible art director meant we could quickly explore visual ideas as they presented themselves, and working with a seasoned production crew meant we could work unhindered, knowing everything was at hand.. and all I had to do was think about making the pictures. It was a memorable shoot, and for all the right reasons.” 
Julian Calverley.


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