Mills with photographer Øivind Haug

Production for photographer Øivind Haug.  
Campaign for Mills and their vast variation of diary products. Here are some of the final images. 

Models: Pholk
Styling: Helene Sverdrup
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GE Healthcare with photographer Julian Calverley.

© Julian Calverley / Seven Stones / LPA / GE

In the late summer of 2016, photographer Julian Calverley visited Oslo for a 4 day production for GE Healthcare. It was shot at Ge Healthcare´s facilities in Oslo. A very interesting but also demanding location, due to obvious health care restrictions. We shot real people in their own working environment, as seen above, at one of Julians final images.

This was a co-production together with the Lisa Pritchard Agency in London. 
From the Lisa Pritchard Agency´s blog on the production: 

The GE Oslo shoot was a perfect example of a team effort. We were working under reasonably tight time and location constraints, in a busy working environment, and so we had to remain as flexible as possible. Working with an experienced and flexible art director meant we could quickly explore visual ideas as they presented themselves, and working with a seasoned production crew meant we could work unhindered, knowing everything was at hand.. and all I had to do was think about making the pictures. It was a memorable shoot, and for all the right reasons.” 
Julian Calverley.


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Michelin winter tires on the road in west Norway.

We had the honour of producing the Michelin winter catalogue 2016, together with photographer Yann Geoffray arrived with Ilara Productions from France. 
We travelled the fjords and mountaintops with several trucks at our disposal. Turning those 19 m trucks on the small Norwegian roads became an everyday normality.  
The stunning Norwegian scenery and perfect weather conditions, made this a memorable shoot. Despite degrees down to shivering minus 19 degrees, we maintained a relaxed atmosphere on set and managed the plan we set out to do.

Lots of work and lots of fun! 

© Yann Geoffray / Michelin

© Yann Geoffray / Michelin

Renault Trucks in west Norway!

We got visiters from France for the second time around. Ilara Productions and  Renault Trucks came up for this years new catalogue. We had a great time in the stunning landscapes of west Norway.

Erik Almås, Sandnes Garn and Leila Hafzi.

World famous photographer Erik Almås visited beautiful west Norway to do a shoot for Sandnes Garn and designer Leila Hafzi, in early summer of 2014.
We did the local production and found some stunning locations for the shoot.

It was a great week with a great crew! The weather was not that bad either!

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Leila Hafzi: ROYAYE SEFID 2015 bridal campaign
odel: Idollooks / Helene Hammer
Hair & Makeup: Tomas Erdis

Copyright: Leila Hafzi / Erik Almås

Copyright: Leila Hafzi / Erik Almås

Renault Trucks in North of Norway.

ILARA Productions and Renault Trucks, asked us to assist them, with photo production for their 2013 catalog shoot, in North of Norway.
We travelled 2200 km, did 30 locations in 6 days, with only 4 hours daylight. A beautiful roadtrip in the amazing scenery of north Norway and Lofoten.
We look forward to the results!

SAS with Chris Harrison

We congratulate Chris Harrison in being nominated to Pustehullet 2011,with two of his images for the campaign for DDB and Scandinavian Airlines. We helped Chris Harrison in the production and are proud of the result!